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Manufacturer: AES

AES EL00C-RAD-K E-loop commercial kit with Trans 50 for Presence mode

AES EL00C-RAD-K E-loop commercial kit with Trans 50 for Presence mode


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EL00C-RAD presence only commercial wireless detector with 50 Transceiver. Manage access for multi-unit complexes with up to 50 units.

The Radar sensors can detect vehicles that are stopped above the e-loop.
The added radar utilises two-way radio communication protocol for reliable operation. Once the magnetometer sensor detects an
oncoming vehicle, the transceiver relay will be latched and confirmation will be sent back to the e-loop. If the magnetic field drops below the set threshold, the radar will check if a vehicle is present. If no vehicle is detected, an unlatch command is sent to the relay, and the transceiver will send a confirmation to the e-loop.

If the confirmation is missed, multiple attempts will be made to ensure A safe operation. Radar settings can be adjusted using the e-diagnostics remote. Settings that can be changed include; Dead zone, sensor distance, sensitivity, magnetic field release level, confirmation mode

  • 1 - Code in e-Loop.
  • Secure e-Loop to the driveway.
  • e-Loop and you're ready to operate in less than 15 minutes. Save many hours of installation time compared to wired loop systems.
  • Compact profile - only 26mm high x 200mm diameter.
  • Not affected by ground movement.
  • 10600 mA battery giving up to 10 years battery life
  • High security 128 bit encryption.
  • Static load capacity 2500kg.
  • Range up to 50 meters.
  • Made of high impact plastic
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