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Manufacturer: AES

AES Prime 7 Imperial 4G GSM Intercom with prox reader

AES Prime 7 Imperial 4G GSM Intercom with prox reader


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Surface mounted 4G GSM, all black panel with textured powder coated aluminium hood and gloss black acrylic facia trim over a tough metal back plate.

Complete with white illuminated push button and integrated proximity reader.

Each kit comes with 3 proximity cards. Additional cards can be purchased.

The GSM will call your home phone and mobiles on roll-over when visitor presses call button so you never miss a visitor.

Additional Information
  • Works with any standard contract or Pre-Pay GSM Nano SIM card.
  • Comes with optional 12 month contract SIM, unlimited calls and texts. (UK/IRE only)
  • Add up to 250 cards/tags to intercom remotely by SMS text or app!
  • Add up to 250 time restricted tags or cards by app!
  • Issue up to 50 temporary cards/tags.
  • All programming can be completed through the AES PRO APP, with homeowner capabilities as well.
  • Set automatic gate open & close times. Auto clock sync feature.
  • Store up to 4 notification phone numbers to receive SMS (customizable) when relay is triggered
  • Available in flush mount
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