Automated Commercial Metal Swing Gate with Roger Motor and DEA Access Control - Kenilworth

Automated Commercial Metal Swing Gate with Roger Motor and DEA Access Control - Kenilworth


We have recently installed a robust automated entry solution featuring a large, commercial-grade metal swing gate. This gate is designed to provide both security and aesthetic appeal, ensuring premises are well-protected and present a professional image.

### Automation with Roger Above Ground Motor

The gate is powered by a Roger above ground motor, known for its reliability and strength. This motor ensures smooth and efficient operation, capable of handling the gate's substantial size and weight with ease. It guarantees consistent performance, making it ideal for frequent use in a commercial setting.

### Access Control with DEA Keypad and Key Fobs

To enhance security and convenience, we have integrated a DEA keypad and key fob system. Authorized personnel can use the keypad to enter secure codes, providing controlled access to the property. Additionally, key fobs offer touch-free entry, which is particularly useful for employees and frequent visitors. These fobs are programmable and can be easily deactivated if lost or no longer needed, ensuring continued security.

### Benefits

This comprehensive system offers enhanced security, streamlined access, and impressive reliability. The combination of the sturdy metal gate, powerful Roger motor, and advanced DEA access controls ensures that business property remains secure while providing a convenient and professional access solution.

This automated gate system reflects commitment to security, efficiency, and professionalism at the business premises.


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