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Manufacturer: Beninca

BENINCA BULL17OMI Sliding gate operator up to 1700kg (24v)

BENINCA BULL17OMI Sliding gate operator up to 1700kg (24v)


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BENINCA BULL17OMI Sliding gate operator up to 1700kg (24v)

Comes with CP.BULL OMI control unit with built-in inverter and virtual encoder oil lubricated reductions personalised release key

  • Single phase 230 VAC geared motor for intensive use with oil lubricated reductions
  • The main control unit, located in the top part of the motor and with integrated inverter, makes it possible to calculate the position of the motor starting from the measurement of current intensity on the electric motor (virtual encoder)
  • Oil lubrication guarantees maximum duration of the reducer. The type of oil is very effective and guarantees excellent performance even at low temperatures
  • Reduced mechanical wear of components
  • The virtual encoder allows proper management of the slowing-down phases, movement tracking (STC system), and torque management in relation to the position of the gate, which guarantees maximum safety
  • Adjustable speed from 10 to 24 m/min according to gate weight
  • Safety sensor that stops the motor power supply during release operations
  • Receiver ONE2.WI is supplied
  • Metal release lever


Technical Data BULL17 OMI*
Power supply 230 Vac (50-60Hz)
Motor supply 230 Vac
Max absorbed current 7 A
Max Thrust 1880 N
Max opening speed 24 m/min
Duty cycle 80%**
Protection level IP44
Magnetic limit switches NO
Operating temperature -20°C / +50°C
Lubrication OIL
Max gate weight 1700 kg
Driving gear for rack M4 Z18
Weight 21.6 kg
Items no. per pallet 20

* Available in 115 VAC version - contact us

** In extreme operating conditions (environment T 50°C, speed 24 m/min, gate weight 500 kg) the cycle falls to 40%

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