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Manufacturer: BFT

BFT STOPPYMBB KIT 500mm electro-mechanical automatic rising bollard kit

BFT STOPPYMBB KIT 500mm electro-mechanical automatic rising bollard kit


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Designed for commercial installations to control access and provide security to property and buildings, the BFT Stoppy MBB 500 Kit is a simple, ready to install and value for money automatic rising bollard kit with LED Light Crown.

  • Electro-mechanical automatic rising bollard kits
  • Suitable for intensive use
  • Comes with Persio Control unit and Allu PSU for LED light crown
  • Can be used with additional automatic rising bollards
    BFT STOPPYMBB 500mm electro-mechanical automatic rising bollard with LED light crown
  • 230 V
  • Diameter: 220 mm
  • Raised Height 500 mm
  • Rear-reflecting strip
  • Impact resistance 10500 J

Options for controlling the barriers are:

  • The Mitto transmitter which can be programmed straight in using the built in receiver (sold separately)
  • Loop detectors for vehicles (sold separately)
Additional Information

Complete range of automatic electromechanical retractable bollards for the protection and safety of all areas that require controlled access.

Rod height 500 and 700mm. Ideal for contexts of particular architectural interest, guaranteeing maximum reliability over time and requiring minimal maintenance.

Electromechanical bollard complete with form, with shaft height 500 mm and diameter 220 mm. Impact resistance 10500 J.

The option of supply as an integrated unit or with outer casing separate from the operator allows the installer to complete digging and preparation for installation ahead of time.

The new square flange allows for perfect architectonic integration and hence better insertion into the full range of urban contexts.

The conical stem cap and EPDM flange gasket provide highly effective protection against foreign matter entering between the stem and the outer casing, thus making the unit maintenance free.

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