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Manufacturer: CAB

CAB Hydro KHD.30 Double Leaf Kit, up to 3.0m Leaf 230v - Reversible

CAB Hydro KHD.30 Double Leaf Kit, up to 3.0m Leaf 230v - Reversible


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230Vdc Hydraulic above ground motor kit with 2 motors for gates up to 3m length - Reversible

Additional Information

HYDRO is a wide range of hydraulic operators for intensive use.

Various versions are available which differ in many particular characteristics:

• A chrome-plated steel shaft, available in size 16 or 20 mm, and anodised aluminium profiles guarantee the maximum resistance to atmospheric agents.

•The encoder and the low voltage motor optimize performance, safety level and precision in the gate movement.

• Working strokes available from 250 to 390 mm, to satisfy the various installation requirements.

• Hydraulic pump flow rate from 1 l/min to 0.75 l/min.

• Versions available with 1 or 2 joints. The rear pivot joint makes installation easier, making up for any lack of alignment of the gate.

• The adjustable electronic deceleration in opening and closing allows maximum silence and fluidity of maneuver. Avoiding the strong impacts against mechanical stops also limits the risk of breakdowns in the installation.

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