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Manufacturer: DEA

DEA 230V Operator LIVI 550PL

DEA 230V Operator LIVI 550PL


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The DEA 230V Operator LIVI 550PL is a high-quality product designed for efficient and reliable operation.

With its 230V power supply, this operator offers a powerful performance that ensures smooth and precise movement.

The LIVI 550PL is equipped with advanced features that enhance its functionality, including adjustable speed settings and a built-in safety mechanism.

This operator is suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential to commercial use.

Its durable construction and robust design make it a long-lasting and dependable choice for any project.

Whether you need to automate gates or doors, the DEA 230V Operator LIVI 550PL is a reliable and efficient solution that will meet your needs.

Additional Information

Livi 550PL Operator 230V - 6Kg without encoder.

Control board and telescopic arm not included. Unlocking device with cable (4M) included.

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