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Manufacturer: DEA

DEA DIGISLIM with cable and proximity reader

DEA DIGISLIM with cable and proximity reader


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The DEA DIGISLIM is a sleek and compact product that comes with a cable and proximity reader, making it a versatile and convenient solution for various access control needs.

With its slim design, it can easily fit into any space, providing a seamless and unobtrusive installation.

The included cable ensures a secure and reliable connection, while the proximity reader allows for quick and effortless access.

Whether it's for residential or commercial use, the DEA DIGISLIM offers a reliable and user-friendly solution for controlling access to your premises.

Additional Information

Keypad with transponder reader (card or token). The metal numeric keys are backlit for a better use at night-time, and two LEDs make programming of cards and codes easier. The metal housing and the complete sealing of the electronic circuit make these systems fit for any outdoor installation. Ability to record more than 1000 proximity cards or tokens. Power supply 12-24V.

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