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Manufacturer: NICE

Nice INTIKit Universal Transmitter & Receiver Kit

Nice INTIKit Universal Transmitter & Receiver Kit


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Universal radio control kit. Ideal retro fit TX & RX suitable for almost any new or existing gate or door automation system.
3x INTI Transmitters,
1x OX2 Receiver

Additional Information

433.92 MHz rolling code, with management of Identity Codes and Certificates, self-learning and built-in proximity receiver; with 72 bit O-Code encoding, also compatiblewith receivers with Nice FLOR encoding.

Evolved: uses data processing and recognition systems

that increase its degree of security and deliver a threefold

reduction in automation response times.

Easy memorisation, even at a distance, thanks to Opera receivers.

There are two options for enabling a new Inti transmitter, even at a distance from the system:

 • using a transmitter already programmed in the receiver,

thanks to the enabling Code exchange between

the two (figure 1);

• using the Nice O-Box connection interface; the receiver’s

Certificate is entered by just placing the new Inti next to

the O-Box and following the guided procedure on a PC or PDA

(figure 2).

Safe, if a transmitter is stolen or lost, with the O-Box the user can:

• replace it, maintaining the same functions as in the previous one, disable the old transmitter by increasing the priority level on the new Inti.

Inti can be used as keyring thanks to the lace included in the pack.

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