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Manufacturer: NICE

Nice ON3EBD - 3 button bi-directional rolling code transmitter

Nice ON3EBD - 3 button bi-directional rolling code transmitter


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Era One bidirectional transmitter 433,92 MHz

Additional Information

Nice extends its range of control systems with bidirectional versions: with the Era One BD transmitter and OXI BD receiver, you can now receive feedback on reception of the command and on the status of the gate and garage door automations. When the user sends a command to the automation, the transmitter indicates its correct reception, the automation position, the presence of possible faults or the need to change the device battery. The brand new Nice bidirectional radio protocol is enabling two-way communication between transmitters and receivers as well as the mesh network functionalities, allowing to reach any Nice automation system in the range. Gate and garage door automations have never been that safe and under control!

With 3 radio channels and 1 "info" button, Era One bidirectional transmitter allows to control 3 automations or group of automations. Vibration and visual feedback (through the built-in LED) provides the user with the confirmation that the command has been correctly delivered. By pressing the "info" button, the position of the automation (Open, Closed or in partial opening position) is also accessible in any moment. Built-in NFC technology: Era One bidirectional integrates an NFC tag. By simply getting the smartphone close to the transmitter, a web page opens with additional information on the transmitters itself. With a simple gesture you can check the battery level, buy a new battery if needed, and get to know the functionalities of the bidirectional system.

OXI bidirectional plug-in receiver is designed for the highest ease of use: the programming push button and LED are on the top of the receiver itself, in the most accessible position. The antenna connector is built-in into the receiver as well. Compatible with all Nice control units with SM connector and with all Nice radio protocols, OXI bidirectional receiver gives the possibility to improve comfort and safety on the existing Nice automations.



  • Nice Mesh Technology: The Nice bidirectional radio protocol with mesh technology has numerous advantages:
    • extension of the radio range to 500m (max.10 Hops)
    • confirmation by the automation of correct command reception;
    • the possibility of checking automation status at any moment;
    • high security, thanks to the encrypted communication
    • low energy consumption in standby.
  • Ergonomic design: antenna connectors, key and programming LED inconvenient practical positions.
  • Maximum flexibility: can memorise up to 750 bidirectional transmitters or 1024 unidirectional transmitters
Technical Specification
  • Frequency: 433.92 Mhz
  • Input impedance: 50 Ω
  • Sensitivity: -108 dBm
  • Encoding: BD, O-Code, FloR, TTS, Flo, Smilo
  • Number of channels: 4 (on “SM” plug-in connector)
  • Power supply: 5 Vdc
  • Current draw: 50 mA (max)
  • Protection class: IP 30
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