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Manufacturer: NICE

Nice Titan 3724 HS kit 2 24v double leaf swing gate kit for gates up to 3.7m

Nice Titan 3724 HS kit 2 24v double leaf swing gate kit for gates up to 3.7m


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Suitable for the rapid operation of swing gates with leaves up to 3.7m or 450kg

  • Surface mounted ram gate motor
  • Reliable: due to magnetic encoder
  • 90-degree opening in about 12 or 19 seconds
  • Easy to install: simple programming with a single key
  • Practical and safe: Esyconvernient key release located in the top part of the motor, allowing the gate leaves to be opened and closed manually in the event of a blackout
  • Versatile: The motor can also be installed in the bottom part of the gate leaf, at a distance of at least 110 mm from the ground.
  • Self-learning of opening-closing limit positions
  • Automatic fault diagnostics
  • Programming of pause time
  • Pedestrian pass door
  • Deceleration during opening and closing
  • Double technology obstacle detection
  • Operation in event of power failure with optional rechargeable batteries
  • Provision for connecting the latest generation sensitive edges
  • 2 x TTN3724HS non-irreversible electromechanical gear motors, 24Vdc with magnetic encoder
  • 2 x ON2E transmitters 433.92 MHz, 2 channels
  • 1 x MC824H control unit for two motors, with 24Vdc encoder
  • 1 x EPMBpair of outdoor photocells designed for connection via Nice BlueBUS
  • 1 x OXIBDup to 4 channels with connector, bidirectional, without built-in transmitter
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