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Manufacturer: Telguard

TELGUARD TG ML Single button surface moulded

TELGUARD TG ML Single button surface moulded


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TG ML Solo

  • 316 marine grade stainless steel faceplate
  • High strength, alloy cast back box
  • LED downlight
  • 40mm low profile backbox
  • Downward facing microphone
  • Call up to 8 numbers from a single call point
  • IP64 rated keypad
  • Time clock with 9 profiles
  • 7 programmable colours
  • Dimensions: H 224mm x W 96mm x D 40mm


POWER: 12 Volt 1 Amp. DC PSU fitted with a 3A fuse (supplied and must be dedicated to the Telguard intercom unit). Power Consumption: 120 mA Idle @ 12 Volts.

TELEPHONE TYPE: Standard DTMF (Dual Tone Multi Frequency) generating telephone, cordless or mobile phone. (Note that VolP phones may require additional setup to use the DTMF standard).

PROGRAMMING: Remotely programmable via App or SMS. Locally via USB cable.

RELAYS: 3: 1 x 2A, 2 x 200mA.

INPUTS: 2 x Auxiliary, volt free.

RELAY ACTIVATION TIME: 1 — 60 seconds, adjustable locally and remotely.

OPERATING COMMANDS: Default #, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, 7#, 8#, 9#. All relay commands are configurable.

TIME CLOCKS: The on board time clock enables custom profile functions to be activated.

AUTHORISED CALL ACCESS: 900 telephone numbers can be stored. Calling the unit, from an authorized telephone number activates a predetermined relay.


Telguard TG ML Solo ML

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