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Manufacturer: Videx

VIDEX 8K-1S 8000 Series 1 way intercom

VIDEX 8K-1S 8000 Series 1 way intercom


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A simple but reliable traditional audio intercom system from Videx. Perfect for home or office use.

Wall Mounted Handsets & Illuminated Speech Panel

The internal handset is wall mountable to keep it out of the way and the external speech panel is finished in polished stainless steel so it looks stylish but is practical at the same time. The keys, nameplate, and call buttons are illuminated so that they are perfectly usable in night-time conditions.

With a spare relay, you can use this intercom to control your porch entrance or even your garage door in addition to your gates!


  • Practical and robust intercom system for single resident properties
  • Backlit nameplate and call button
  • Timed door release (1-99 seconds or latching)
  • 3 position volume control on the telephone handset
  • Wall mountable handset
  • An additional 2 handsets can be connected with the unit
  • Reduced outdoor cabling requirements

The Videx 8K-1S is an above standard, 1 button audio intercom. The weatherproof outdoor panel is finished with mirrored stainless steel and features a single call button and speech unit.



  • No. of entrances: 1
  • No. of cores to telephone: 4
  • Recommended cable type: CW1308
  • Maximum No. of telephones per call button: 3
  • Lock output: 12Vac
  • Lock output time: 1-99 seconds or latching
  • Telephone model: 3011 (call tone)
  • PSU model: 321 (13Vac)
  • Amplifier module: 8836M
  • No. of relays: 2
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